St. Lawrence's Night

8th August 2020

Imagine the summer sky filled with shooting stars (referred to as „Tears of St. Lawrence), extinguished street lighting, visual effects that recreate the facades of the main square, torches along the waterfront and thousands of candles on the tables of bars and restaurants. In the background, murmur of people combined with gentle musical tones spreading from 7 stages scattered throughout the whole city. Find the one that best suits your mood and, if you are willing to follow a tip, do not miss the classical performances in the Church of St. Francis, as well as the very suggestive Baluota beach that wins the hearts of visitors with its special atmosphere intensified by the whispers of the sea and flickering candles.

The event is traditionally opened by the parade of the dance group Roxanne, whilst numerous accompanying events include presentations of local agriculturers, wine producers and olive growers.