Rovinj Map and how to arrive

How to arrive

Thanks to its favorable geographical location and the modern road network, Croatia has become a popular destination for many tourists from all over Europe. This is especially true for Istria, the northernmost region bordering with Slovenia. The town of Rovinj is located right here, on the west coast of the largest Adriatic peninsula, less than an hour's drive from the border with Italy. Here's how to reach us:

By car

Thanks to its comfort and effectiveness, this is the preferred form of transport for most of our guests. It is even more true after the inauguration of the motorway which connects Rovinj to the European network of highways. If you are arriving by car, you will most likely use the border crossings between Croatia and Slovenia or Hungary. There are three main arrival directions:

  • from North (from the Netherlands, the Czech Republic, Germany, Austria, Northern Italy and Slovenia)
    a) Villach → Udine → Trieste → Koper → border crossing Plovania or Kaštel → Rovinj
    b) Graz → Maribor → Ljubljana → Koper → border crossing Plovania or Kaštel → Rovinj
  • from West (coming from Switzerland and Italy)
    Venezia → Trieste → Koper → border crossing Plovania or Kastel → Rovinj
  • from East (from Poland, Slovakia and Serbia)
    border crossing Goričani (or Bajakovo for Serbia) → Zagreb → Rijeka → Učka tunnel → Rovinj

Driving distances between Croatia and some major European cities
592 km  
524 km   Warszawa 1234 km

Düsseldorf 1200 km  
184 km  
688 km
262 km   Amsterdam
1424 km   Praha 771 km
Modena 436 km  
641 km
  Budapest 595 km

Other useful information
  • Speed limits:
    - 50 km/h - within built-up areas
    - 80 km/h - outside built-up area
    - 100km/h - on major motor routes and on fast roads
    - 130 km/h - on motorways
  • The legal alcohol limit for drivers in Croatia is 50 milligrammes of alcohol in 100 millilitres of blood (0,5 ‰)
  • Road assistance: HAK (+385 1) 1987, Oryx: 08001818
  • A single countrywide number for all emergency situations: 112
  • Croatia traffic info

By plane

Within 150 km there are even three international airports. The nearest airport, Pula, introduces new flights of low cost airlines every year, so the arrival by plane becomes an increasingly viable alternative, especially if you travel long distances. The nearest airports:

• Pula 40 km   • Trieste 143 km   • Ljubljana 202 km   • Rijeka 120 km   • Zagreb 260 km   • Venezia 253 km

By ship

If you are coming from Italy, you should seriously consider the sea route that connects Venice and Trieste to Rovinj. Nothing compares to the experience of travel by sea, especially as you approach the port of Rovinj, admiring the old town at the feet of the Church of Santa Euphemia, the patron of the city.

This type of connection gains more and more popularity because it is a fast and valuable alternative to those who dislike wasting their time in long car queues. The high-speed ferries and hydrofoils run almost every day, and the ride takes less than 4 h from Venice to Rovinj (70 nautical miles). To find out more visit the sites of Venezia Lines or Direct Ferries.

By bus or train

Thanks to a very modern highway network, Rovinj is connected by several bus lines with major European cities. The bus station is located in the city center, close to our agency, located at the beginning of the pedestrian zone. It can be reached by phone at: +385 (0)60 333 111 (address: Trg na Lokvi 6, Rovinj). For more information about departure/arrivals, please visit the following website.

The closest railway station is in Kanfanar, 15 minutes drive from Rovinj. There are two main directions which connect the city with the rest of Europe, the first passing through Ljubljana, the second through Zagreb. Click here for more information about the train connections.

*for detailed information on how to get to our agency, visit the "How to find us" page.