The best places to eat in Rovinj

Top 12 restaurants in RovinjRovinj, as all serious tourist destinations, has a series of restaurants with a very diverse offer, which sometimes makes difficult finding what one wants. Nevertheless, it has to be said here that during the past few years the quality of the offer at the restaurants has significantly increased and that there are a lot of places offering really good food. The specialities are based, of course, on the wide selection of fish and seafood, as well as on traditional fine food such as prosciutto, truffles, asparagus, ombolo (dried pork loin), sausages, boscarin (Istrian ox meat)… all that additionally improved by delicious olive oil and accompanied by excellent white and red wines.

However, being a vacation always too short to waste time on an average restaurant offer, we chose for you, on the basis of our own experience, those restaurants that with their offer or atmosphere are above the average and offer something more, something different, better and more delicious. It goes without saying that our top list does not have to correspond to your personal taste or expectations, but we hope that the list will help you make your choice at least somewhat easier and that you will not be disappointed. If you prefer pizza and classic restaurant offers, click here.

The top 12 restaurants in Rovinj (in alphabetical order)

Restaurant Barba Danilo

1. Barba Danilo

The restaurant that set in Rovinj new standards is located within a small family-run camping site, Ulika, in the immediate vicinity of the Polari camping site.. Although finding within a camping site an offer of such a quality is not something you would expect, every doubt will disappear as soon as you set your foot in the pleasant setting of this family-run restaurant whose kind personnel will recognise your desires and take you through an extremely interesting gastronomic journey. Here unthinkable combinations turn into unique flavours that will not disappoint even the most sophisticated palates. Of course, even the lovers of classic flavours will be pleased here, so that everybody will find something that suits his or her taste. Barba Danilo will certainly not be your choice if you have your heart set on a pizza or a portion of cevapcici (seasoned meat rolls), but we recommend you to plan at least an evening for a visit to this restaurant.

Polari 5, Rovinj, T: +385 52 830 002,

Restaurant Blu

2. Blu

If you are searching for a place that you will always remember, the restaurant Blu is the perfect place for you. It is located north of the town centre, a few steps away from the coast and the Borik beach. We recommend you to visit this elegant restaurant in the evening, when the underwater lights are lit and when the lamps in the old town behind it start to twinkle. If you want to leave your better half breathless, try to make a reservation of one of the exclusive tables on the very beach, just a few steps away from the sea. With its menu, mainly based on the Mediterranean cuisine interpreted in an Istrian manner, it will please even the most demanding palates. Let the expert personnel advise you in terms of the wide choice of local, national and international wines.

Val del Lesso 9, Rovinj, T: +385 52 811 265,

Restaurant Feral

3. Feral

This family-run restaurant is located in the settlement of Kukuletovica, 5 km from Rovinj’s town centre towards Pula, near the Veštar camping site. Hidden from the masses, this restaurant will be seen as a real revelation by all those who love home-cooked meals. For a number of years the family Deković has been preparing, with a lot of love and effort, homemade pasta, which is here served in all sorts of combinations. In addition to the pasta, there are numerous creative creations based on traditional fish and meat dishes. Do make sure you try one of the family’s ideas, like Feral’s crust, large truffle ravioli or tortelloni with ricotta and asparagus. With its original approach to the preparation of food and kind personnel, Feral will probably become one of the places where you will return with pleasure.

Cocaletto 27, Rovinj, T: +385 52 829 070

Restaurant Konoba Jure

4. Jure tavern

An atypical restaurant in Rovinj located in the neighbourhood of Lacosercio, reachable on foot in just about 10 minutes from the town centre. You will probably not run into this restaurant by accident, but once you do find it, you will not regret it. The tavern offers a pleasant ambience with a large fireplace and only about 10 tables on its terrace, far from the summer hustle and bustle. Forget the usual menus and let the proprietor, Jurica, advise you what to pick among the specialities of the day. Rest assured that everything here is fresh, whereas the offer is based on the traditional Istrian cuisine, fresh fish and meat. Pasta will be served to you in the same pots in which it is prepared. Do make sure you try the beefsteak in green pepper or with mushrooms.

Cademia 22, Rovinj, T: +385 52 813 397

Restaurant Konoba Kantinon

5. Kantinon tavern

If you want to experience the atmosphere of old Rovinj, do visit this original tavern located on the main town promenade. Until a few years ago, only the simplest traditional meals were served here, and when the tavern ended up being part of the largest hotel company in Rovinj, the originality was not thrown away but became even more accentuated. Here you will enjoy the traditional cuisine of Rovinj’s fishermen in which only the freshest ingredients are used and which continues to keep alive the recipes of our ancestors. To illustrate the originality of this place, it is sufficient to mention its menu designed as a daily newspaper.

Obala A. Rismondo, Rovinj, T: +385 52 816 075,

Restaurant Maestral

6. Maestral

A not so noticeable restaurant a few steps from the sea, located in the building housing the headquarters of the local sailing club, along the way connecting the famous hotels and the town centre. From the terrace it is possible to admire an exclusive view of Rovinj’s peninsula and the island of Sveta Katarina, which is why somebody could think that it is an expensive restaurant. However, the prices are very reasonable given the quality of the service. What has to be mentioned is the so-called Maestral’s bread, as well as tagliatelle allo scoglio, tuna steak and chocolate mousse. You will recognise the restaurant thanks to its centrally located outdoor grill, where the restaurant’s chefs prepare in front of their guests delicious and fresh dishes. During the peak of the season, the restaurant becomes very busy with visitors, so do not be surprised if you find yourself waiting for a table. We recommend it also during the lunch hours, since it is an ideal place to relax while visiting the town.

Obala Vladimira Nazora bb, Rovinj, T: +385 91 464 0109

Restaurant Monte

7. Monte

Located in the very heart of Rovinj, just below the church of Saint Euphemia, Monte is a restaurant that should not be left out from the itineraries of the haute cuisine lovers. The owners, Mr and Mrs Đekić, put much love and effort into designing the menu of this top-quality restaurant, which is listed in numerous food guides with restaurants from all over the world. Their creative dishes combine, in a very inspiring manner, the flavours of the Istrian and the world cuisine, which will fill you with enthusiasm all over again. Seemingly plain ingredients are exalted by the rich imagination of this special couple and the end result on your plate will look like a work of art. Of course, the prices are in line with such a superior offer, but if you are a fan of the ‘genre’, it is, by all means, worth it.

Montalbano 75, Rovinj, T: +385 52 830 203,

Restaurant Orca

8. Orca

One of the few restaurants open throughout the year, with a family tradition since 1993. Located outside the town’s hustle and bustle, at the very entrance into Rovinj, around 3 km from the town centre. Among their guests who return here with pleasure, apart from tourists, there is also the local population. Its two large dining rooms and three smaller terraces can accommodate more than 100 people, while its interiors are embellished by a large fireplace shaped like an Istrian casita (called kazun, a dry-stone shelter). In its pleasant settings, the extremely kind and professional personnel will recommend you a number of Istrian and Mediterranean specialities, among which you should try fish, risottos and pastas. With a little bit of luck, you will find also meat specialities prepared under a baking lid. Many guests keep returning here year after year, find out why.

Gripole 70, Rovinj, T: +385 52 816 851,

Restaurant Paštrik

9. Paštrik

On your way from the town centre towards Rovinj’s ACI marina, you will surely notice this restaurant, with a beautiful terrace from which it is possible to admire one of the prettiest and most romantic views of Rovinj’s old town bathed by the sea. Even if initially it could seem as a typical tourist menu, the restaurant’s offer is rather interesting and diverse and it includes Croatian specialities and fresh fish, as well as Italian cuisine, grilled dishes and divine desserts. In addition to that, thanks to the kind personnel, you will feel as you have been eating here your whole life.

V. Nazora 9, Rovinj, T: +385 52 811 207,

Restaurant Puntulina

10. Puntulina

A restaurant with a really impressive location in the old town, on the rocks of the Baluota beach below the church of Saint Euphemia. With its seafood and meat specialities, combination of modern and traditional local cuisine and its generous wine list, it earned a place among the best restaurants in Croatia. However, apart from the great food, you will always remember the unique experience of the waves breaking on the rocks beneath your feet. This is a very elegant place where you will not eat every day but where you need to be if you want to give your partner a moment of eternity.

Ul. Sv. Križa 38, Rovinj, +385 52 813 186

Restaurant Sidro

11. Sidro

Even though there is an unwritten rule according to which, generally speaking, restaurants with a central location will not fill you with enthusiasm in terms of their food, this, fortunately, is not true in this case. This restaurant has a seating capacity for 120 people and boasts a tradition of more than 50 years. It is located on the town’s waterfront, at the very heart of the most important events. Although you will experience here the real summer hustle and bustle, the extremely pleasant staff and discreet setting will make you feel great. The experience will be even better as soon as you will find in front of you some of the Istrian specialities served here, as fresh fish recipes. If you are a meat lover, do not miss the barbecue specialities, among which it has to be mentioned the grilled patty (pljeskavica) with kajmak cream. Do not leave without trying the restaurant’s sorbet.

Obala Alda Rismonda, Rovinj, T: +385 52 813 471

Restaurant Viking

12. Viking

Boasting a very attractive location in the idyllic area of the nature reserve of the Limski Channel, about 15 km from Rovinj. Although located only about 30 meters from the shore, at first glance it could seem as one of the many season restaurants. However, do not let appearances deceive you. The wide choice of fresh fish and shells will give you all the flavours and fragrances of the sea. You should give a chance also to its meat and pasta recipes. Apart from the fresh shells, cultivated in the very Limski Channel, do try even the restaurant’s shrimps (ask whether those from the Gulf of Kvarner are available), which are prepared here according to traditional and yet very tasty recipes. The gastronomic experience will be complete thanks to about 70 varieties of wine and the view of the blue-green sea. The restaurant is reachable also from the sea.

Limski kanal 1, Kanfanar, T: +385 52 448 119

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